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Help Mew Rescue Raise Funds for 350+ Kittens!

Mew is in urgent need of your support to care for over 350 kittens expected from now through August. With an estimated cost of $100 per kitten (a conservative estimate), Mew faces a minimum expenditure of over $35,000.

Our fundraising goal is to raise a minimum of $15,000 to ensure the well-being of these kittens.

Join us in giving generously TODAY for NWA Gives from 8 am to 8 pm!

Despite having some reserve funds, Mew is currently operating at a monthly deficit of $5,000-$10,000. Incoming funds, donations, and grants have decreased by 70% compared to last year. Depleting our reserves monthly puts us at risk of halting intake operations entirely and discontinuing our Mew Cares program, which supports underserved owned cats in the local community.

Your contribution will make a significant impact and help us continue our vital work in rescuing and caring for kittens in need. Thank you for your support!


We are at the cusp of kitten season with many calls coming in for pregnant or newly postpartum mother cats. However, our recent focus has been on handling a high volume of owner surrender requests and hoarding situations. These situations have strained our resources and finances significantly.

One particular case involved an elderly caregiver who loved her animals but was unable to provide adequate care for them. In a space of less than 800 square feet, she had over 15 cats and dogs. With limited income and recurring health issues, she struggled to meet the needs of her pets. The cats were infested with fleas to the point of causing internal organ damage. They also suffered from persistent upper respiratory infections that did not respond to antibiotics. One adult cat was diagnosed with Lymphoma and started chemotherapy, while another had Stomatitis requiring the removal of all her teeth. A pregnant cat gave birth but was in poor health and initially suspected to have FeLV, though subsequent tests showed she was negative.

Among the younger cats, many were unsocialized and fearful of humans, requiring extensive efforts to socialize them for potential adoption. This process could take months, with uncertain success rates. The ongoing challenge lies in ensuring the health and eventual adoption of all these cats, continuing to strain our resources until they are ready for adoption.

One of the best ways to support Mew is to become a monthly donor. Monthly donors provide a consistent line of income for small nonprofits like Mew. This stability ensures that Mew can continue our important work in NWA. Along with rescuing cats & kittens, Mew also provides TNR services, winter cat shelters and financial assistance through our Mew Cares program. 


Since 2019, Mew has helped 4000+ LOCAL cats and kittens! We can only do that with the support of the community.

When you give, you help us to take in more kittens and save more lives! Only 25% of kittens born in the wild make it to adulthood. When we rescue a kitten, those chances increase to nearly 100%! 

Mew receives no government assistance and relies on adoption fees and support from the community.  Kitten season is the mostly costly time of year for Mew. Litters of kittens have 4-6 kittens on average. Food, litter and veterinary care adds up quickly! 

Any amount makes a difference in the lives of the cats and their caregivers in NWA.

About Mew Cat Rescue:

Mew was started in March of 2019, when a group of volunteers in the local animal welfare community saw the need and knew they had the passion and resources to make a difference.  Completely ran by volunteers, Mew Cat Rescue is dedicated to helping cats in need through adoption, education, medical care and community outreach programs. Mew is a registered 501c3 nonprofit. We continue operating with the help of the community who adopts, donates and supports our mission. We do not receive any funds or donations from local, county or state agencies to cover this need.

Interested in helping us? Become a foster or volunteer today, no experience necessary.

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